Dahl lab

Geobiology & Earth System Science




I’m a scientist and a teacher with broad interests in the origin and evolution of Earth and its biosphere. My research combines observations, experiments and modeling to understand the history of life and the environment on our planet.

The geological record is an important archive of information that we use to unravel this history through various geochemical analyses (elemental concentrations, isotope compositions, molecular and mineralogical compositions).

The goal is to understand the long-term co-evolution of life and the planet. Specifically, we want to understand to what extent organisms can drive biogeochemical cycles on Earth. For example, oxygen in Earth’s atmosphere is produced almost exclusively by biology and appears to be regulated by biology. Similarly, the Earth’s surface has been kept at clement temperatures to keep water liquid through more than 4 billion years. Both features might have been stabilized at tolerable levels by biology. Ultimately, if what appears to be a random sequence of biological inventions and adaptation rest upon a directed evolution towards complex life with high energy demand (such as intelligent animals), then intelligent life may be common in the universe, after all.

This website tries to cover the range of work done in the Dahl lab.

Are you interested in joining us or learning more, send us an email, or contact anyone else in the group. We’ll be glad to tell you more. There is always plenty of opportunities for students with aptitude for learning and a strong drive to explore.


Oct 2015: Sune F. Maansson starts his MSc thesis project in 2016.

September 2015: Origins course is running at Coursera.org

May 8, 2015: Genesis talk at Uni Cph Spring festival